Logo design (page is during creation)

A moment about my logo universe

From 1993- 1997 I created a few logos for different customers. Not much merchandise is left from that time, actually I think that only 1 T-shirt is left from when I won a logo competition about creating a new logo for The Occupational Theraphist School in Copenhagen. Of Course I could upload my many different layouts of early logos, but if I do that they would lose their value in brand purpose, because the customers, compagnies, societies, institutions, and so on, which I have created them for naturally have all rights for using them. I. e others shouldn´t have the possibility to download the layout from this web-site and use them. The exactly idea about creating a logo is to be able to use it  for specific "branding" of the particular project, which it has to visualize, - and for that project alone.


Therefore, on this website only a few examples of merchandise carrying my logos will be posted, and a link from this sub-site / front of the web-site will be visible during the event period. From 2014 and ahead I have started creating logos again in my logo atelier, in connection to the fact that I in 2015 have developed into an international recognized miniature artist with 7 illustration lines. A logo is the first which is created when a big event has to be planned. Therefore, design of logo often takes place 1 1/2 years - 5 years BEFORE a big project is launched, as it has to be used for branding the project and be printed on various merchandise ...- and we are a lot of creative people who love to create logos. Therefore, some years might pass before this subpage is filled up.

Best regards

Lisbet Lark.


Logo The Woven Heart Art Museum

When voluteers started building up The Woven Heart Art Museum in 2011, they needed a logo for branding the Museum project, which could be used also, when the museum became a reality in 2014 and afterwards.

Demands from jury: Visualize what to experience at the museum. Name of museum at the logo. Usable for signposting, cards, cups, letter paper, FB-site, packing effect for the own design of ddecoration in the museum shop, web-site design.

Original is one of my  artworks at the Woven Heart Art Museum, Woven Heart Art "Solnedgang ved Vesterhavet" (2009).




Logo Occupational Theraphy School Copenhagen

Winner of logo competition The Occupational Theraphist School in Copenhagen 1997, vizualizing what the occupational theraphist job is about.

Demands from jury: Usable for gray cotton jersey T-shirts, fronts of certificates, files, bags and letter paper. I created the original, a hand cut cardboard collage 30cm x 30 cm, using the colours: violet, black and white.