I´ve designed a lot of Christmas decoration, which mostly has been attached to the need of raising money for building up and operating a museum, the Woven Heart Art Museum, but which is also usable for Easter (birds)and feasts such as biirthdays, weddings, card dekorating, gift decorations, ( my mini flagguarlands)

Until Nov 2019 I myself lived  in a small apartment, therefore, when the museum opened in 2014, it was decided that the museum shop besides selling tickets also should sell special designed hanging decorations for small trees, because some of us were tired of spending all our time in November- December hunting suitable decoration for our trees size 45-50 cm. A lot of the decorations you could buy on the ordinary market were not available in the needed small sizes and quality, and I wanted to change that. Therefore, I´ve specialized and started creating hanging decoration for small trees. For the time being we have closed the production in order to give ourselves and our hands more time for restoring an old partly listed house for the museum.

My design brand for trees size 45 cm - 50cm on the museum´s website is called "Handmade", but in 2015 I´ve also started to create decoration for even smaller tress (15-25 cm), Miniature.


Some of my designs, such as my flaggarlands / bunshes and miniatures are also suitable for other celebration or decoration purposes.

When we are more ready with the house we restart our hand production from decoration for small trees , too.

Lisbet Lark


Hanging decoration for small Christmas Trees

Mini decoration bird, Easter, ... Sold out!

2016 Collection Designed by Lisbet Lark.:

Mini bird on clothes-peg of wood. Crépe white and yellow.

Max. size:    W: 3,5 cm x H: 3,5 cm x D: 3,5 cm. Vægt: 1,5 gram.

All handmade and unique. To be ordered through ths web-sites "Kontact-" page.

  • Hanging decoration carousel, Scale 1:12, Sold out!

    Design by Lisbet Lark
    Limited production.
    Measure: 1cm x 1cm x 1,8 cm Laquer on tin.

Hanging decoration white angel. Sold out!


White cardboard with "golden hanging.

Size of each angel: 1, 1 cm x 1, 1 cm excl hanging.

4 pcs in a package.

On photo shown together with my miniature flag garland size 1:12, which is presented further down this site.

Life-like bull-finch. H: 2,5 cm x 3cm x 2,5 cm incl clothes-peg. Sold out!

created from feather and expanded polystyrene

Status: Sold out! During production. New heap ready about week 3, 2016.

Design and creation: Lisbet Lark.

Dealer: The Woven Heart Art Museum.

This little bird  several different decoration  purposes and therefore you can also order it at other time of the year than at Christmas directly by writing to me "Kontakt"- page on this web-site, also by private persons.
By the way: It is shown on the photo along with my minigarkand, 98 cm long, both dsign are created in a way, so they both stylistic and in colours fit each other in the colours and fit a tree size 45cm - 50cm.
Lisbet Lark.

Micro Christmas Goat. H: 3cm, w: 3,5 cm. Sold out!

Limited production

All the small animals are individually handmade, unique and therefore they might be a little bit various in expression and look.
Larger orders for handproductin and delivering in Augt/ Sept has to be given in jan- april. Please order by using the kontact page.
Dealer: The Woven Heart Art Museum, Julehjertemuseet or me, if you contact me through this web-site´s  contactpage.
 - and as a matter of fact, you can use it as a standing miniature, too, because it fits scale 1:12, under at miniature tree hight 15-17cm, or in a dollhouse scale 1:12.

Mini Flag bunchees. Sold out!

#miniature flag garland. Scale 1:2 Design: Lisbet Lark.

I´ve specialised in design and production of small flag garlands, which are all handmade.

I´ve created them in 3 sizes:


Flag size: 1,2cm x 1,8 cm, 98 cm long for tree 45cm-50cm. 50 DKK each.

Dealer: the Woven Heart Art Museum.

Designed in Danish flags, Swedish flags, Norwegian flags, Union Jack and Stars and stripes. 

Flag size:: 4,5mm x 0,8 mm,  26cm long. Handmade.. a garland, which is very useable for decoration of everything, such as: table decoration, card decoration, eecoration of compagni gifts.


 Scale 1: 12, miniature, The smallest flag garland in the world:

Flag size: 0,3 cm x 0,5 cm , 49 flags, 25 cm long. Handmade. #miniature (Yes, you read right).

Produced  in the Danish, the Swedish, the Norwegian flag and Union Jack.

Danish flag. 98 cm long. Hnadmade. 50DKK

Swedish flag, 98cm . Handmade. 50DKK

Norwegian Flag. 98 cm long. Handmade 50DKK

#Union Jack mini guirland / bunch. length 40 cm / 98 cm

Dealer the woven Heart art museum, Julehjertemuseet.dk . You kan also order it via this web-site´s "Kontakt"- page

#Starsandstripes mini flag bunches, design: LisbetLark

Length 40 cm or 98 cm. Dealer The woven Heart art museum, Julehjertemuseet.dk. You can also order them ffrom this website´s "kontakt" -page

Table Decoration. Sold out!

"Paper Angel," (2010) 7cm x8 cm, Handmade, stands on a fold. Dealer: The woven Heart Art Museum www.julehjertemuseet.dk "Paper Angel has been included in an international artbook publication, called "151 international Paper artists", published by IAPMA, International Association of paper makers and paper artists.

"Paper Angel" in Artbook Publication:"151 international paper artists" From 2013. During opening hours The Woven Heart Art Museum still has some specimens of this artbook publication for sale in the museum shop.