Clothes, hats and costumes...

I´ve always had a special figure and body size, making it impossible for me to go out on the market and find suitable clothes, which has made it neccesary for me to create or recreate my own clothes from I was a little girl.

Actually I started early, creating my own knitting recipes and models, embrodering after my own drawings and so on. From I was about 14 years old and to I was about 21, I was a member of an amateur theater group in Copenhagen, called "Københavns Friluftspil", creating special designed costumes each yearas a volunteer, mostly out of secondhand clothes.

Please, enjoy gallery! 🙂

Lisbet Lark.


Josepha "Summer in Tyrol" (1986?)

Hat "Pinafore" ( 1981)

Hat from "My Fair Lady" (198?)


Cows from "Summer in Tyrol " (1987)

Pink/ Green dress "Pinafore" (1981)

Squared dress and hat "Pinafore" (1981)

Costumes "Summer in Tyrol" (1987)

Costumes from Summer in Tyrol (1987)

Light blue hat and dress "Can- can" (1985?)

Costumes "My Fair Lady" (1987)

Other clothes.

Evening dress with "Sun protection) privat.