Ballpoint. Dealer: the Woven HearArt museum.

Ballpoint with The woven Heart art Museum logo. 6-striped Woven Heart Art " Sunset at the Northern see"(2009) and grafical design Lisbet Lark.

Dealer: Kulturhulen, Hovedgaden 58C, 3220 Tisvildeleje

Lined notebook, subject" Ana, Optically Illusion2 " from the London Art Biennale, (2013)

Christmas Cards. Dealer :The Woven Heart Art Museum.

Card. Dealer: The Woven Heart Art Museum, DK Created on occasion that it´s the very first time in art history that a woven paper Heart has been selected for a biennale.

SOLD OUT! Card. artwork and grafic. design: Lisbet Lark

Name of artwork: "Elvis Prestley Portrait" (2010)

Card and envelope. Dealer: The Woven Heart Art Museum. ...The angel is also designed by Lisbet Lark, but unfortunately it is SOLD OUT.


Artwork, logo and grafically design by Lisbet Lark.

Both the woven Hart art "Solnedgang ved Vesterhavet", The logo of The Woven Heart Art Museum, and the Grafically Design is created by Lisbet Lark

A lot of publications has been executed through times.

Mostly products, where my own artworks are included and where they´ve been used for supporting a good cause, but I´m also capable of creating grafically design for your compagny.