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Furniture design:

I´ve both created "ordinary" furniture design and specially designed furniture.

Special designed furniture (after meassure)

Radiator Hider, privat job, (2015)

Posement, special job for The Woven Heart Art Museum

4 equal pcs for sale. Only united sale will be accepted.

Black / silver Posement, Special order for "Kulturhulen

2 equal pcs fore sale, only united ale.

"Ordinary" furniture for mass production. Sold out!

Flexfurniture. Participation at Paris Prix COAL 2014. Sold out.

Please, watch the video:


Peasantry style pelmet,(1920) specialjob, Kulturhulen

Redesignet, redesignet, refreshed peasantry painting, antique decorated and rebuilt by Lisbet Lark.

Antique restored pistol showcase.

House redesign

Now I´m sure you´ll be a litlle bit surprised, but actually, I´ve redesigned buildings,too / given an offer on the work or just created the needed drawings for other worksmen. Sometimes, the projects were  cancelled as the one, you see me working on at right, an 150 y.o , 160 squaremetre listed house on the island of Bornholm.

The most weard I´ve done working drawing for and given an offer on, was an old bunker from wordl war 2, which is in the front garden of a nice hotel, where my job was to make it disappear into the sea view of the hotel by making it into one big optically illusion. My drawings succeeded, and the projact would also have been done, if I wasn´t such an honest person. In my opinion the "artwork" would be too expensive to keep up and repair, because the bunker crumbled,  so it had to be repaired each year  and repainted, in order to be beatiful to watch all the time.

I´ll try to loook after some pics from some of the houses, I´ve done redesign drawings for, naturally by accept from the owner at that time, so it might take some time....

V.h Lisbet Lærke.